With its vintage posters of Hossegor, Marcel Travel Posters has been able to keep the trendy appearance of the old seaside resort. Enjoy the well-preserved natural environment such as the marine lake, whose freshwater mixes blithely with salt water when the tide comes. Give different sliding sports a try, such as windsurfing or wave surfing: you're on the right spot! At last, have a rest after all these efforts, under the shade of a parasol on the town's gorgeous beach. All these details are to be found in perfect illustrations on the posters of Hossegor, one of the Silver Coast's gems.

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Postcard HOSSEGOR "Côte...


Postcard Illustration Original HOSSEGOR "Côte d'Argent" 

Draw limited edition

Carton 400g / m² Matt Coating

Poster HOSSEGOR "Côte...

From €19.00

The HOSSEGOR "Silver Coast" poster is a beautiful vintage illustration of the gentle tranquility that emanates from this beautiful stretch of...

Poster Hossegor "Lac Marin"

From €19.00

Bring a touch of holiday to your home with the original poster of the "Lac Marin" in Hossegor. An emblematic place to recharge your batteries,...

Poster Hossegor "Surfeur"

From €19.00

To all surf and vintage lovers, this poster is made for you! Thanks to its bright colors and retro style, you will find yourself at...