Surfing is more than just an activity or one interest among many, it is a lifestyle. With Marcel Travel Poster, your interior decoration will create a lovely atmosphere from original posters with a surfing theme. There are many places where surfing can be enjoyed in France. So whether you prefer to surf in Hendaye, Hossegor or Lacanau, we have lots of illustrations for you. This way you can show off your passion wherever you want. You will then only have to look at your poster to escape and experience the joy that surfing gives you.

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Poster LA PALUE "Surfeur"

From €19.00

Mythical surf spot, retro style and bright colors... Marcel presents you his original poster LA PALUE "Surfer"! This vintage...

Poster Hossegor "Surfeur"

From €19.00

To all surf and vintage lovers, this poster is made for you! Thanks to its bright colors and retro style, you will find yourself at...

Poster Biarritz " Retrosurf...

From €19.00

Biarritz and the Basque Coast are mythical places on the Basque Coast, appreciated for their many assets and the associated comfort of life....

Poster CONTIS "Surfboards"


Let's go to Contis-Plage! Pretty seaside resort, on horseback between Saint-Julien-en-Borne and Lit-et-Mix, its beach is very popular...



Postcard Illustration Original LACANAU OCEAN

Draw limited edition

Carton 400g / m² Matt Coating


From €19.00

 Original Illustration Poster PAYS BASQUE & LANDES 

Draw limited edition

Paper 350g / m² Matt Coated Finish

Poster GUIDEL "Surfboards"

From €19.00

Original Illustration Poster Marcel GUIDEL "Surfboards" 

Draw limited edition

Paper 250g / m² Matt Coated Finish

Poster Small Edition -...

From €19.00

 Illustration Poster Marcel Small Edition

Série Côte Ouest "SURF"

Draw limited edition