Tough to sum up a city as beautiful as Toulouse into a single picture… Marcel Travel Posters elegantly takes up this graphic challenge with its series of art deco posters dedicated to the "City of Violets". Under the form of a mosaic-like street plan of Toulouse, or of an original illustration representing the picturesque Rue du Taur or the Quais de la Daurade, discover or rediscover the City of Toulouse in its best light! Both vintage and trendy, the exclusive graphic style of our posters blends elegantly with all types of interiors to add a retro touch. With its important sense of details, our collection of posters about Toulouse takes another look at the most iconic places of the Occitan capital by giving it the breath of a unique personality.

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Poster Toulouse "Quais de...

From €25.00

Want an exclusive decor and a touch of retro to adorn your walls? Show your love for vintage and the city of Toulouse with this illustration of...

Postcard BORDEAUX "Plan...


Postcard Illustration Original TOULOUSE "Plan Mozaic" 

Draw limited edition

Carton 400g / m² Matt Coating

Poster TOULOUSE "Rue du Taur"

From €19.00

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of strolling through the streets of Toulouse must have taken the beautiful Rue du Taur. Located in the...