"A subtle blend of oriental customs and of a West-European way of life, a Mediterranean melting pot of the North African traditions and of the French culture, this is the poster of Marseilles. Start discovering this melting pot by having a stroll along the Old Harbour thanks to this retro illustration by Marcel Travel Posters. The "Old Harbour" poster of Marseilles is an original illustration in the art deco style. It perfectly blends with the other original posters of the region, which form a collection that will take place on the walls of your home or on the chest of drawers of your lounge."

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Postcard MARSEILLE "Le...


Postcard Illustration Original MARSEILLE "Le Vieux Port"

Draw limited edition

Carton 400g / m² Matt Coating

Poster MARSEILLE "Le Vieux...

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Cosmopolitan, generous and above all lively, Marseille is a must-see destination in the South of France. Marcel Travel Posters have taken up...